James’ Testimony

Ladies, I am Sorry


I have hurt many people in my life, especially in my past when it came to girls. This portion of my testimony is less about me and more about my desire to apologize to those girls, now women, whom I have hurt. This post might anger you and possibly think less of me, but it is my hope that some might find healing through my confession.

New Friends, New Me


In my last post, I wrote about acceptance and how a father's absence leaves a void and a yearning for acceptance that can never truly be filled except by God's presence. What's unfortunate is that unless a child has a consistent base of support and spiritual encouragement, they are destined to fill the void with what ever they can. The usual goto items are drugs, alcohol, gangs and sex/relationships.

Learning to Fit In


Acceptance. I would assume that for most of us, acceptance is the one thing that we all want, but few of us have truly found. I believe social media thrives on our desire to be accepted. The next season of my life and installment of this blog series is characterized by this topic.

The Beginning of The End


September 23rd of 1986, this date marks my oldest datable memory and by far the most vivid. Many people believe that there are two defining moments in a person's life; when they are born and when they realize what they are born to do. For me, this date was my first defining moment. It was the day that my father, Barry Wayne Day, died.