James’ Journal

How to Endure the Fire and Not Smell Like Smoke


It is no secret that these last several years have been a raging storm for me. I have walked through many trials, fires, and storms that I felt in some moments were going to destroy me. However, here I am... Still fighting and persevering. If you find yourself in a similar season, there is hope! Here’s how I, with God’s grace and help, endured the fire and came out not smelling like smoke.

Criticism & Judgement


Recently I experienced a moment that has been all to familiar during the course of my ministry and service to God. It is something that everyone deals with. No matter where you are in your faith and walk with Jesus, this sin will rear its ugly head and wreak havoc on you and those around you.

Who Ever You Are… This is For You!


I was talking to a trusted friend the other day about life after divorce and whether or not getting married again was an adventure I was going to consider. From my current perspective the trials and mountains that would need to be overcome for that to happen seems more trouble than it’s worth. However, I do not know the will of God in this, so I guess I should be open to it.

Living With Sin


Talking about my sin is very difficult. I would bet that I am not the only one in this boat. Admitting my sin is something that is contrary to my nature. By nature I am referring to my sinful nature or flesh. That part of my inner being that rebels against the authority of God. We all struggle with sin on a daily basis. More often than not, that sin becomes a deep hinderance to living a missional life.

Facing My Fear


Fear is something that we all face whether or not we like to admit it. I find myself in this present season of life, full of fear. I am standing on the edge of several life transitions that are all very frightening. It's at times like these I find that I have two choices to make. Which choice I make entirely depends on which of my natures, flesh or spirit, that I am walking in.